Evaluate Your Relationships


Social technology has changed the way people interact, helping people to connect, communicate, and share information in ways that were not possible before. Social business excels at leveraging these technologies to create highly engaging and personalized connections between people, information and process and as a result they are transforming their business by creating a more productive workforce and delighted and loyal customers.

Does your organization know how to gain a competitive advantage through the power of social?

Are you effectively building and leveraging your organization’s greatest asset – your workforce?

In just a few easy steps, you can start on the road toward transforming your business. First, access the workforce and customer experience assessment tool, and then respond to a quick questionnaire. You will instantly receive a customized scorecard, which you can download for and share with your colleagues.
Your customized scorecard report will help you:

1. Understand the effectiveness of your existing workforce and customer experience practices.
2. Learn more about the value of workforce and customer experience and its impact on your business
3. Identify next steps that can help he transform your organization into a best-in-class organization.

We hope you will consider taking the IBM Workforce and Customer Experience Assessment and share your results with your colleagues. To further discuss this scorecard report, learn more about Smarter Workforce or Customer Experience, please contact your IBM Sales Representative or InTek Business Optimization Consulting, or email us at social@intek.gr

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